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If you’re not on the WordPress bandwagon yet, It’s time to be. If your time is tough to come by, you’ll find using WordPress is easy yo use and even easier to update a page on your website so now is an excellent time to get started. In recent years, WordPress has gained a ton of positive publicity for being the website platform to use for your business. Some of the largest businesses in the world use it – The New Yorker, the official Star Wars website, Best Buy and more.


Those are large businesses. What about small businesses?  What makes WordPress so good for small companies?

Wordpress is easy updatePublish Content Easily
One of the most effective ways to get more business online is through the methods of content marketing. Can you imagine trying to compete online without being able to publish content easily? WordPress is one of the easiest platforms ever created to publish your own content easily and frequently – without issue.

Intuitive Interface
The interface is real intuitive. It makes it really easy to use. When you log in to your website console, on the left-hand side of the screen, you will see every link you need to be able to manage your website. WordPress uses an interface called WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. In other words, you don’t need to know any coding or programming to use WordPress and manage your website.

Everybody Uses It
OK, we realize that saying something like “Everybody Uses It” is not really a reason to stand behind it. I mean, if everybody else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Hear me out here – everybody uses it for a reason. If there were things wrong with it, then nobody would use it. With WordPress being so popular, you can turn just about anywhere you want to get help when you need it.

Massive Community behind It
WordPress has a massive community of developers, designers, and users. You see, WordPress uses what’s called Web 2.0. WordPress is not managed by the WordPress company. WordPress is intuitively being updated and made better by an entire community of people who know what they’re doing rather than a small group of people in a boardroom. This leads to some of the unique functionalities of websites – designed by people who simply wanted to solve a problem of their own.

Installation Is Easy
WordPress is super easy to install. Every single hosting company supports WordPress. Although WordPress is not the only Web building platform available, it is the most popular for many reasons – and this is one of them. WordPress needs to be easy to install. Otherwise, people aren’t going to use it. From anything from 1-Click installations to the themes and the plug-ins affecting how it looks and functions, the whole idea behind WordPress is to make it so you can do it on your own without help.

Make You Look the Way You Want
What kind coding skills you think you would need to really make a website look the way you want? Do you think that people hire expensive designers to manually code everything on the website? Some do – but most don’t. There are hundreds upon thousands of different themes with 1-Click installations that you can choose from. Some are free and some are not. Some provide functionalities and others do not. However, there are so many different themes you can choose from that you should have no issue making sure that your website is both intuitive, easy-to-use and looks good. A website that does not look good, is not easy to use, is not intuitive, and does not look attractive will do nothing for potential customers. WordPress is built for your success.

Make It Work the Way You Want
Let’s not stop there. What about the plug-ins? A plug-in is a small piece of programming that you can either purchase or download for free that makes your website function the way you want. Think of it like a widget – these are snippets of code that you can install on your website to give your website a sense of responsiveness that is needed in today’s world. Most people have gone mobile when they browse websites, and these plug-ins will allow you to connect with them in a way that you can’t do otherwise.

It Will Help You Build Your Subscriber List
WordPress began as a blogging platform. This means that you will have a feed that people can subscribe to – your updates. As long as you update your site with relevant information, rather than slapping them with a sales brochure telling them what to buy, people will read it. People enjoy reading information online, and this is a way to help your business stand out as an authority in your industry. The most intuitive companies incorporate social media and blogging into their overall marketing strategy because it allows them to connect with their customers and potential customers in a way that is otherwise impossible. Email – no matter how heavily it is used in business today – is the old way for customers to connect to merchants. People don’t use email to connect to merchants. They use social media and subscriber lists. Having a WordPress website is how you can get ahead.