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The Truline Industries website  claims, “Every second of every day, a plane with Truline Bearings takes off.” And data backs up their claim as Truline leads the industry as a supplier of fuel pump bearings. But this recognition is not the only thing that landed the company in the 2015 Plain Dealer’s Top Northeast Ohio Workplaces list.

Located in Chesterland, Truline Industries manufactures a multitude of products from fuel pumps for the aircraft industry to high-tolerance precision machine parts. And in relation to these products, the company expresses that “… we do not cut corners. Not in our work, not in the way we treat our employees and not in our commitment to the world in need outside our doors.” Again, the claims are supported.

Certified as an AS 1900/ISO 9001 facility, Truline fulfills International Standard requirements for a quality management system which produces a consistent product that meets consumer needs and which aims to enhance customer satisfaction. Employees agree, stating, “They are not afraid to spend money to get the equipment they need.” and “The flexibility they gave me. The resources that are the highest quality to do my job well.They are genuinely concerned about employees and compensate us very well.”

The work environment of this top-rated company is marked by belief in the value of its people and their families from the production line to customer contact. Building Christ-like character in employees is integral to Truline’s vision. This attitude begins at the top of leadership and trickles down. Leaders at Truline assume the role of a servant with the overriding philosophy that each leader exists to serve the people who serve the customers.

Airplane in the sky at sunset

The company also looks beyond its doors with an inspiring outward focus. Twenty percent of every Truline sale goes to those in need, particularly through Convoy of Hope. Still, this does not go far enough for this forward thinking business. Through The Truline Challenge, this company encourages other companies also to donate 20 percent of their revenue to organizations that support those in need.

The Truline vision states, “We will, through the development of relationships that value our employees and their families, our customers, our suppliers and the local community, present the Gospel message and Christ-like character for the purpose of salvation and discipleship.” The belief is that these principles will foster excellence and integrity in the company. And evidence indicates that Truline is doing just that.

Building a culture rather than an organization expresses the heart of Truline. Accomplishing this with “Integrity, above all” as the motto claims points to the source of this company’s success.