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Manufacturers in northeast Ohio have found great financial success locally and even nationally, thanks in part to their expert sales teams and high-quality products. Many in Lake County and Cuyahoga County, though, are ready to take their businesses to the next level, increase their bottom line and cross borders by expanding into international markets. The most efficient way to do so – a creative, informative Web site that promotes and enhances overseas sales.

The First Steps

Once you’ve put together a plan that factors in your target market and demand, and done due diligence, it’s time to start thinking about your online approach.

Meeting with a Web site designer can take your manufacturing Web design up a notch by giving you a dynamic, responsive site that will showcase your products and services. Talk with your designer about including these highlights that will give your customers the best possible experience:

Put your Web Site on the Map

One way to provide your international customers with the best possible shopping experience is to localize your Web site, allowing customers to choose from a menu of country options.When working with your Web site designer, it can be important to factor in cultural nuances and significant details. Acquiring country-specific domain names, allowing for various address formats, and incorporating software that automatically translates your Web site into multiple language options will be critical tools that can boost your site in Web searches and increase traffic to your site.

Keep your Currency Current

Many international shoppers can find online ordering frustrating when their currency is not an available option. Integrating dynamic payment options, software or compatible platforms that convert your prices to up-to-date exchange rates and expand your Web site’s payment acceptance options could make a significant difference for international customers.

Spread the Word

Advertising concept: computer keyboard with word Online Sales, selected focus on enter button background, 3d renderYou’ve got your Web site ready to go – how do you let your new potential customers know? Start by visiting the country yourself to learn about the market, corporate practices and start spreading the word about your product or service. The United States government’s export initiative to help promote businesses looking to move into international markets, and the Small Business Administration spells out the legal and regulatory requirements for overseas shipping. They can also help you navigate the laws surrounding international advertising and promotions.

Work with native speakers and Web marketers to help you manage your International Search Engine Optimization can bring your manufacturing Web site higher in your new market’s preferred search engines.

Your ultimate goal in selling your products online is to increase your market reach and your profits, and working with a knowledgeable Web site designer can help you do both.