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6 Ways to do Marketing the Right Way.

A lot of the advertising dollars that we spend online every year gets wasted. In fact, according to one study, this figures up to $8.2 billion per year. No matter how tight the economy gets, for some reason or another, advertising revenues go up, not down.

Many people have blogs that are graveyards. No one criticizes and no one praises. In fact, no one comments at all. What are we doing wrong? Here are six different ways to do marketing the right way and keep that from happening.

Prioritize View-Ability

Part of our lost advertising revenue is to ad blockers. When people block our ads, the money we spend on them is rendered ineffective. Make sure that you’re spending your money on ad spaces that guarantee that they will be seen by people.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Changes in Google’s SEO Algorithm

When Google makes changes to its own SEO algorithm, they don’t announce the news from the top of their lungs on the rooftops. No – instead, they do it quietly. So quiet, in fact, that many people don’t notice it until they’re already hit with penalties. By keeping a watchful eye for changes in Google’s SEO algorithm, you can avoid this potential pitfall.

Target Your Consumers

Many people fail to target their audience correctly. By doing some simple target research, you can avoid this pitfall. In fact, this is this is the reason why 97 percent of businesses fail. They create products that nobody wants. Anyone can conjure up an ideal audience member in their head and imagine hordes of them clambering over each other, just to get a hold of your product. When a product is created, people don’t do that.

An excellent resource – a free resource – is Google’s keyword research tool. Remember, the higher the competition, the better. When there’s fierce competition for a keyword, don’t look at it and feel overwhelmed. Instead, when you see a higher number that means that your product is in high demand and that an audience is out there. At the time when you do the research, the audience isn’t necessarily your audience, but there is an audience out there that is ready and willing to buy your product.

Stay Relevant with Your Target Audience

Make sure you stay relevant to your target audience. When you’re not up to date, you will lose some of your base. This may include updating your website for both mobile and desktop use. This may include keeping your blog updated on a regular basis. There are a lot of ways you can stay relevant with your target audience. Unfortunately, it’s easier to fall out of sync with your audience that it is to remain relevant to your audience. It takes a concerted effort to stay relevant to your target audience. Fortunately for you, resources such as HubSpot and Moz give away free resources that give immediate satisfaction to this pain point.

Make Sure That You’re Growing Your Email List.

This is a pitfall for the of majority of marketers. Did you know that you can build your email list in such a way that it can become the lifeline of your business? It’s true. By doing your email marketing the right way, you can grow your list with nothing more than high-quality subscribers. High quality, in this case, means people who are ready for your information, want your information, and are prepared to buy from you at any given moment.

You see, the biggest fallacy when people experience email marketing is that they think it is dead. It is far from dead. By focusing on growing your email list with only high-quality subscribers, you can increase your email as conversion rate tenfold. The industry standard, when it comes to building your email list, is a conversion rate between 1 percent and 2 percent. In other words, if you have 100 people on your email list and you launch a product to that list, you can reasonably expect that one, maybe two people will buy it.

However, if you grow your email list with high-quality subscribers that conversion rate can skyrocket to between 25 and 50 percent. These numbers are not unheard of.

Learn How to Make Stunning Videos

Video marketing is not a fad. It is here to stay. If you don’t know how to make stunning videos, now is the time to learn. Right now, we’re still ahead of the video marketing curve. Sites like are excellent resources to help you learn how to make stunning videos. It takes a lot more than just sitting in front of the camera and talking. In fact, when you just sit in front of the camera and talk, you’re doing videos the wrong way. To do that it the right way, you need to create engaging content – in the same manner as if you’re writing an engaging blog post. Make it visual – add pictures and stunning visuals to keep your audience engaged in videos. If you to sit in front of the camera, you bore people. Boring videos are unwatched videos – bear that in mind.